My name is Erin Elizabeth, I ventured to the Huelo jungle on Maui in 2014 from the Pacific Northwest.  I received a B.A. Degree in Radio/TV/Digital Media Productions with a minor in Costume Design at University of Idaho, Moscow.

Rainbows, whales, waterfalls, oh my!  As a Pisces who is passionate about saving marine life, I dove into studying alternative organic skin ingredients, essential oils, and plant-based products that could be utilized to save the earth, mind, and body. 2014 One Love Body & Soul was born due to aspiring healthy and happy armpits!  Our natural mango butter deodorant has taken quite the journey; from tubes to jars to now  compostable packaging!  So proud that we are a part of this change.

My love for yoga has been a deep influence, while saving my sanity during hardships.  Yoga is way of life now.  I continue to study with a 300 Hour RYS yoga certification in the jungle at Maya Yoga under the lovely Nicki Doane.

Our second product originated from the roots of the Black Rock City Desert, home of Burning Man.  I’ve assisted in building stages, vast geodesic domes, and spent thousands of hours scattered over a decade with exquisite humans tromping around in the dust,  getting to know ourselves better.  Let me tell you, shit get’s dry and rugged out there!  Extreme weather conditions, people.  Especially your lips. All hail the best darn lip protection EVER!  It’s been tested and approved by Burners of all regions, which makes me so tickled.  <3

In 2015 NPR announced oxybenzone is a hamful chemical to coral reproduction. The Environmental Working Group and Consumer Reports have both come out with additional ingredients being harmful. These products typically include a combination of two to six of the following active ingredients: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. Mineral sunscreens use zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. This is why I created a mineral sunscreen recipe that gives the body both UVA and UVB protection without harming delicate life and coral reproduction under the sea.

In my spare time I find pleasure in hiking/backpacking, chasing the moon, snorkeling, beach-bumming, flow arts, yoga, camping, travel, and dance.

Mahalos for your interest in our passion to live sustainably.  Our inspiration comes from you!

All of our products are plastic-free, recyclable, plant-based, and shipped in reused/recyclable packaging. The ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. We use local ingredients when available such as Hawaiian Beeswax. The essential oils applied in all recipes are high-grade, we are a doTerra Wellness Advocate.

Our sunscreen is a mineral based SPF 30+ with non-nano zinc oxide as the main active ingredient, it provides protection from UVA and UVB rays. It is water resistant and never tested on animals.  We are currency pending for an FDA approval!

Our natural deodorant is an amazing transitional deodorant, get off those over-the-counter plastic sticks! Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirants that actually clogs your pores and prevents sweating. Other harmful chemicals include: Parabens, Steareths, Triclosen, Propylene Glycol, TEA & DEA, and Artifical Colors.

Orders are currently made in small batches with a shelf life of approximately one year after opening.  We take pride in our carefully crafted and recipes, we love what we do!

Be kind, be brave, be love–We are One Love Body Soul

 || A L O H A   N U I    L O A ||