My sunscreen arrived today and it’s so luscious! All healthy, safe ingredients that I don’t need to worry about smearing on my face when I’m in the sun. And it arrived on a sunny day! Check out this shop, y’all. It’ll keep your hippy heart and body in just the right place. ❤

Arlene Smith

My lips are the first to feel the effects of the weather, the Lavender/Peppermint Lip Balm is an instant comfort, a silky layer of protection with a subtle comforting scent.

Shawn Palmer

The deodorant provides all day protection and moisturizes the pits! A small amount goes a long way so this stick is going to last a long time. 🙂

Meredith Johnson

This Dusk Til’ Dawn eye cream has been my everything this past summer. It's creamy and smells good and just melts right under my eyes. I also rub it on my nails and hands before bed. After using it consistently for about a week I noticed my nails were getting stronger and my hands are super soft.

Kassie Grassi

I love love LOVE this lip balm. Smooth, creamy and last longer than any other balm I've used. Love 1Love!

Judy Hunter

Miss Erin put together an amazing customer order for me. We chatted quite a bit about what I wanted and she was even willing to make me my own perfume and lotion. I got her handmade natural lip balm, deodorant, face moisturizer the most amazing perfumes. The Citrus Bliss deodorant is fantastic...a must have! And the Maui Moon perfume outstanding. It's like she bottled the scent of the island!!

Holly Famularo

"I’m a loyal fan of their products and appreciate the effectiveness of each item balanced with the environmental friendly designs and formulas. I wouldn’t put anything on my body or out into the earth that wasn’t One Love Body & Soul-made. One love."

Hayley Kate

just received my order of lip balms! super stoked to share them as gifts for people this year! such great product! I keep meaning to try the deodorant. will be making more orders! thank you for great products and keeping plastic use down!!!

Aleksandra Maija

"Love the playa lip balm! My lips have never been so kissable in the desert!"


"I am beyond happy I found these products! I was originally intrigued by the deodorant, I have searched for years to get something that not only keeps me fresh but DRY as that was one of my main issues with deodorants that you can get from any store. THIS DEODORANT IS AWESOME! I got the lip balm & sunscreen (reef safe for our islands which I love! The best part is it’s hand made, eco-friendly & some products come in compostable containers, A+!!! Thank you ONE LOVE BODY & SOUL!"

Carli Callender

"I love their lip balm. They changed to no plastic and their tins are bom. My lips burn during/after any tropical vacation. But since I keep them covered now with One Love Body and Soul Lip balm I have no peeling or blisters. My Vacay lips are good to go. Smootch."

Christina Hunter

"The deodorant is my favorite ever, and I love how great all products smell."

Haley Flargonsplorg

"Loooove my sunscreen (finally needed to use it today in Oregon!!), lip balm & deodorant! Yummy smells and fresh feels. About due for another order!"

Margot Durand

"I especially love the lip balm - long lasting and smells great!"

Beth Rachel Caster

"The sunscreen is AWESOME! It helped prevent my fair(ish) skin from getting completely toasted during my first heavy sun exposure of the summer. I am a sweater, and I only reapplied one time during a 5-6 hour period, which I think says A LOT! Additionally, your deodorant works wonders. I use the lavender/geranium when I'm feeling a little more femme and the tea tree/lime when I'm feeling more neutral. Can't wait to try more of your delicious and consciously made body goods! Just placed my next order."

Courtney Smith-Clifton

"Love love love my recent order! Everything smells sooooo amazing!"

Meg DeReu

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