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One Love Body + Soul

One Love Body & Soul LLC is a conscious company based in Maui, Hawaii. We take to heart the ingredients and packaging we choose for our products.

Our mission is to help others live a plastic free lifestyle by offering products you can trust. We have a passion for sourcing non-GMO local ingredients, which we provide in recyclable, compostable packaging that is nurturing for the body and the Earth.

mineral sunscreen 

One Love’s founder is passionate about saving marine life and dove into studying alternative and organic skin ingredients, essential oils, and plant-based products that could be utilized to save the earth, mind, and body. In 2014, One Love Body & Soul was born to support healthy and happy armpits! Our natural mango butter deodorant has taken quite the journey—from tubes to jars to now compostable packaging! So proud that we are a part of this change.


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