Biodegradable Mango Butter Deodorant

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It really works.  Coconut oil + mango butter is a powerhouse moisturizing duo; they carry antibacterial properties that effectively zap underarm odor.  This gentle formula promotes an alkaline environment that really reduces unwanted bacteria and promotes dryness.  This formula has been well tested by friends and family over years; it was our first ever created natural product!  On top of that, our 100% pure essential oils have neutralizing antibacterial properties for an extra layer of protection and happiness.

Protect our future earth with a biodegradable natural deodorant handcrafted with non-GMO ingredients and local Hawaiian beeswax.  This buttery push-pop tube is sure to keep you dry and crisp under the sun and moon.


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Caring for your Bio Deo 
To help your product last longer, please protect from direct sunlight, moisture, and heat (such as leaving it in a hot vehicle).  Due to the packaging being made entirely from paper, some wear and tear is to be expected.  Drop us an email or ping us on the chatbot if you have any questions!


organic virgin coconut oil
organic mango butter
local hawaiian beeswax
pure baking soda
premium arrowroot flour
100% pure essential oils

Crafted in a 2 oz compostable tan push-pop tube

Shelf life:  10-12 months

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lush lavender, citrus peel + Siberian fir, grapefruit + ylang ylang, 3 pack

8 reviews for Biodegradable Mango Butter Deodorant

  1. Stephanie

    I love my grapefruit mango butter deodorant! It helps hide the odor that coffee causes me 😉 The cute package its in can go right in my compost after. Very cool.

  2. Angel

    This is a great all natural product that I feel safe and smell great using. Thanks One Love

  3. Heather Marie Selymes

    One Love’s deodorant is effective and makes me smell like paradise. I absolutely adore that One Love uses Earth-friendly ingredients used to concoct their delectable body products.

  4. Margaret

    I love my deodorant. It smells good, a little lasts all day. I like the packaging and this company’s low impact on the planet!

  5. Aly

    I have spent many years trying to find an effective natural deodorant. My search is finally over after discovering this product. A little goes all day with a lovely tropical scent and I appreciate the earth friendly packaging and ingredients. Highly recommended!

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    I was all about this once I saw the sustainable packaging. It’s a no-brainer. Definitely give it a try.

  7. Adelle Lennox

    I’m loving the lavender mango butter deodorant! I already loved it before, but the new compostable packaging is really next-level! I’m recommending this to everyone! Thank you!!

  8. Kala (verified owner)

    Obsessed! I recently purchased the Citrus Peel-Siberia Fir and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Cannot wait to try more of there products.

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